virtual Assistants for Trucking and Logistics Companies

Run your operations smoothly with our professional team of Virtual Assistants.


Maximize quality, delivery, customer experience and profitability by outsourcing your production flow of a good or service.

No contract

Flexible month-to-month plans to meet your business needs. No contract and no cancellation fees.

Experienced Team

We follow a robust procedure to hire talented staff, train, and turn them into logistics and supply chain experts.

VA's Perfectly Matched to Your Requirements. No contracts or setup fees!

Save time for things that really matter

Carrier Onboarding and Truck Dispatch

Book loads faster by transferring administrative responsibilities to a dedicated, industry-trained team.

Load Management

Including order management, data entry, payment verification, order status, warehouse appointments, shipment tracking & visibility.

Paperwork and Back-Office

Our back-office process outsourcing services will increase your business productivity and allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

Bilingual Agents (English & Spanish)

Bilingual team to help book more loads and fullfill your shippers’ needs with urgency, securing business for your carrier partners.


Planning: Plan and manage all resources required to meet customer demand for a company’s product or service. 

Sourcing: Choose suppliers to provide the goods and services needed to create the product. Ordering, receiving, managing inventory and authorizing supplier payments are some of the tasks we currently handle on behalf of our clients.

Delivery and Back-Office: Full back office support for customers orders, we schedule deliveries and dispatch freight loads including FTL, LTL, Parcel and last mile delivery. We are able to work BOL, Dispatch Sheets, Carrier Agreements, Broker Contracts, Shipping quotes and customs documentation.

Leverage our team!

0 Payroll Hassles

With MTD virtual assistant services, you can achieve value-adds at no additional expense. We manage the payroll process and send you an invoice weekly for services provided.

Data Security

We maintain the confidentiality of your project as well as sensitive data to prevent data misuse. Our team is committed to ensure confidentiality and maintain the privacy of your data.

Flexibility to Scale

Automate and handover to your Logistic Virtual Assistant and ramp up to scale your business. Incredible English proficiency and business experience. Book a call today!

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    MTD provides customized, innovative and cost-effective transportations and supply chain solutions for a long list of global clients. 




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